Losing Weight With Protein Diet Bars

When a lot of people hear the phrase ‘protein diet bars’ they’re skeptical at best. People are so bombarded with fake promises of losing weight while eating candy bars that when a genuine offer to really lose weight approaches them they don’t grab on and hold tight.

To me, losing weight is about being realistic. If you’ve been eating unhealthy snack foods for 30 years then switching overnight to salads and vegetables isn’t going to work. Does that mean everyone’s going to fail? Of course not, but it does mean going cold turkey on foodstuffs you’ve had for a long part of your life. Making a change from chocolate bars to oranges just isn’t feasible or realistic in a lot of cases.

That’s why protein bars really help with dieting, because they’re a median between low calorie food and pleasure. Guess what, people are overweight because food is tasty – so what better way to help people lose weight than to give them a food that’s both low calorie and tasty. But this isn’t ridiculously low calorie; I’m not talking about a plate of salad which has literally 0 calories. I’m talking about a realistic replacement to a chocolate bar. Is it as delicious as a chocolate bar? Of course not, but the difference between the chocolate bar and salad and chocolate bar and protein bar is much much greater.

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