Sugar Substitutes

Weight loss has become more or less an obsession with many people due to the problem of obesity, associated ailments, and the unhealthy lifestyles that they lead. One of the main culprits in leading to weight gain is sugar. It is everywhere and therefore very hard to avoid. The doughnuts that seems to be the perfect snack, the chocolate bar that gives you that sugar kick or energy, that soda or cold drink that quenches your thirst, the ice-cream which is the perfect comfort food for almost all age groups, not to mention the normal cup of tea or coffee, sugar is in everything and with daily consumption in one form or another, creeps into your system adding layers of fat. This fact is known to almost everyone, but it is also impossible to ban sugar completely from life. Even for a cup of tea, sugar is a must to make it taste better, rather than a bitter broth.

Like every problem, there is a solution to this particular problem too, and that is sugar substitutes. If you can substitute the sugar with natural sweeteners which are way healthier options than commercially available sugar and is free of processing that causes environmental pollution, then you have solved half the problem. These substitutes act like sugar but they don’t add the extra calories that sugar do. It is not that you have to get rid of sugar completely from your life because sugar to a certain extent is necessary for the human body. But excessive consumption is the problem which can be addressed with natural substitutes which can supply the sugar that the body needs. Some fruits can act as this substitute, which has lesser calories and therefore does not harm the body in an adverse way.

The associated diseases that result from processed sugar are heart diseases, arthritis, and imbalance in blood sugar levels, not to mention obesity. Sometimes obesity brings about the diseases and therefore the best way to fight them is to stay away from processed sugar and replace the same with natural sugar substitutes, thereby keeping the fitness of the body. These substitutes supply the energy that sugar does but without the harmful side effects, thereby keeping the body fit and supple. Especially for those people who want to burn fat, the substitutes come as a blessing. It means that you can still give in to your sugar craving but by consuming healthy substitutes.

Below mentioned are the substitutes that are easily available in the market or the internet and can be used in day to day life. They can be easily included in your diet, and keep you fit and healthy. Hence read on to know more:

Honey: Honey is actually sweeter than sugar and a natural substitute for sugar. Compared to refined sugar it has high calories and carbohydrates, and raw honey is made of minerals, enzymes, and B-complex vitamins which taken in measured quantity can do wonders for your health.

Agave Nectar: In Southern Mexico, there is a plant known as the blue agave from which Agave nectar is made. It is mainly composed of fructose and is usually sweeter than the average table sugar. If used in low quantities, is can very well act as perfect sugar substitutes.

Maple syrup: Maple syrup is also an antioxidant as well as a natural sugar substitute. The darker B grade maple syrup is contained with more minerals than the A grade one.

Stevia: made from the stevia rebaudiana plant extract, Stevia is very safe to use as it has no calories or carbohydrates. A small quantity of Stevia is enough to solve all your sugar needs.

These are some example of easily available sugar substitutes which can be adopted in any kind of diet and can help one to lose weight if paired with other techniques and other weight loss supplements.